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The financial contribution to the Wichita Tribe will equip the community to improve and further the growth of the Tribe.

[Anadarko, OK – 6/03/2022] Quivera Enterprises LLC., a tribally-owned holding company, announced that through the successes of its subsidiaries, Quivera distributed $600,000 to its owners, the Wichita Tribe Industrial Development Commission for the fiscal year 2021. Iscani Industries, LLC., a Quivera Subsidiary presented this distribution to Jesse E. Jones, President and Chairman of the Wichita Tribe Industrial Development Commission. This distribution will supply the general funds for builds and future projects.

“The ability to give back to the tribal community and be able to support them in this way is at the core of our mission,” said Rachel Crawford, a Wichita Tribal Member and President & CEO of Iscani Industries, LLC. “I am beyond excited to be a part of this milestone and I am looking forward to the continuing growth and success of the tribe.”

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About Quivera Enterprises

Quivera Enterprises, LLC (Quivera) is a tribally owned holding company. The company aims to supply the management oversight and professional support to its subsidiaries Iscani Industries, LLC, Anadarko Industries, LLC, Wichita Government Solutions, LLC, and Wichita Tribal Enterprises, LLC. The subsidiaries will provide professional support services in a variety of facets including, but not limited to information technology and construction management to government, tribal and commercial clients. Quivera’s mission, to create a profitable business operation that supplies a solid return on investment and financial resources to the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes, is achieved through its ongoing support such as the distribution highlighted above. Quivera continues to discover new ways in which to give back to the Wichita nation.

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